Knickers & Tights

Knickers & Tights

Of course 'knickers' is an American term for what we Brits call 'three-quarters', and even though we're all grown up, it still makes us giggle slightly. Thay are the perfect legwear for winter turning to spring, or summer to autumn. They are also very flattering on a wide range of shapes. Minx has a theory that it's all to do with that weeny bit of flesh showing above the ankle, but welcomes comments on the subject.

Tights are the best thing for keeping warm when road and trail riding in cold weather. Nervous about the Cat Woman look? Create a little bike chic by layering with a skort or dress. You'll look cool and your bum won't show. The Minx girls wear 'em with baggies over the top around town - it avoids the always-hilarious comments of the white van driver's mate.